Call for Articles: European Studies

Call for Articles

ECSA-Moldova announces call for articles to be published in "European Studies" Journal editions 2017.

The proposed theme is "Eastern Partnership: Self-Determination and Geopolitics / Geoculture".

Original scientific papers can be sent by e-mail to (cc bcc until April 28, 2017.


Guidelines for authors

The content of articles will focus on political, economic, legal and cultural issues in the framework of EU studies on the Eastern Partnership.

Article shall contain the following mandatory elements:

• format – MS Word C5; font - Calibri; indent - 1.25; top and bottom - 10 mm; left and right - 15 mm;

·  title: font size - 14 Bold; central alignment;

• name and surname of the author, accompanied by titles (if applicable); right alignment;

• institutional affiliation; right alignment;

• e-mail; right alignment;

• abstract of 5-8 lines: font size - 11; indent - 1.25; justified alignment; space between lines - 1;

• keywords: up to 10 relevant notions; font size - 11; indent - 1.25; justified alignment; space between lines - 1;

• article’s content will have 20,000-40,000 characters (including the presentation of the problem, methods, results, conclusions, recommendations); font size - 12 mm; space between lines - 1.

• bibliography.


• citations are given in quotation marks without modifying their font;

• footnotes are accepted with continuous numbering; font size - 10 mm; space between lines - 1.

 Chicago Style rules are applied to footnotes and bibliography.

The articles are subject to assessment.


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